Here are some kind words from happy parents: 

“We are writing to thank you and your team for giving our two boys Chris and Michael a fantastic time this summer at BSPS. The organisation was excellent and we experienced no problems! The checking in and out system was a good thing. Chris and Michael spent a whole week with you this year and a friend of Chris’s from school who lives nearby also came on our recommendation. He also enjoyed himself and his parents were pleased with your booking system as they could only book him in for every other day that week. Being able to spend a week at BSPS breaks up the long summer holiday for the boy’s gives them structure and a fresh environment and new stimulation. It also gives us a break from each other allowing me to get the boring chores done whilst the boys are out, so when they come back we can have more fun! I feel it is very good for them to have the opportunity to meet a wide range of new children and enjoy your wide range of fun and creative activities. Your leaders are obviously very caring, especially with our little Michael who still has some difficulty getting to the toilet on time! We look forward and count on being able to use and enjoy BSPS in the future.”

– Kim

“Thank you for putting on such a great summer school! Your approach to lots of imaginative activities gives us a lot to talk about when she gets home. Caroline was encouraged to try things she wouldn’t normally have done and it looks like it has made a deep impression on her.”

– Written by Caroline’s Mum

“I brought my twins to BSPS having bravely signed them up for two weeks. I fully expected you to call me after an hour to ask me to come and get them. They are only 4 years old, and hate being away from me. However, to my surprise the call never came and I am so delighted that I took my friend Kate (and other mums) advice to send them to you as they have had the most brilliant summer camp experience ever. I am usually very concerned when I leave them (which is why they are probably a bit tricky!), but I felt so confident and pleased with your wonderful staff – they really are special – that I had a lovely time myself catching up with family and friends and did not worry once that the twins may not be happy. THANK YOU and your team for giving me the confidence to be a less clingy mom! We will be back in 2020. From Jemima, Barnes family!”

– Jake and Sasha’s Mum

“Just a quick email to say a big thank you to Paul and his fantastic team at BSPS. My boys had a great time this year and enjoyed the daily trips out. Coral Reef was a big hit as was the trampoline park. The boys wanted to return next week but we are away on holiday! Their big top leaders were fun, caring, encouraging and supportive, especially with Jack who needed a little encouraging at first when they attended the high ropes. We will be back next year. “

– Sue, Jack and Harry’s Mum.

 “Noah and Luke have just come home and said that this was the best camp they have been on. Both boys loved the Science Museum!! Thank you Paul and Heather, we will be back next year.”

– Karen – Noah and Luke’s Mum